Shows To Keep You Sane

Due to the current situation, a lot of us may have found ourselves with a little bit of extra time on our hands; between washing them, of course. Time that we don’t quite know what to do with now meetings are canceled, schools are closed, and McDonalds has shut its doors for the foreseeable.

Luckily for you, we have the answer. Below you’ll find the holy grail list of binge-worthy TV shows; programmes that will keep you watching and leave you sat up at 4 am wondering what happened to the day. Working in social media, we find that happens quite a lot… #NoEscape.

So, if you’re sick of looking out of the window, why not join us as we venture down to the Cornish coastlines, fight bent coppers or invite five guys round to our home…that last one might not be recommended right now, or ever.

  • Let’s begin by imagining we’re riding down the beach at sunset, or standing dramatically on the cliffside, or scything with the brilliant Aidan Turner…sorry zoned out there! With series 1-3 of Poldark now available on Netflix, you’ll learn a lot about entertaining yourself without all those post-1700 modern amenities!

Buy the entire boxset (series 1-5) now:

  • If you want to do something slightly more regal with your time, why not take part in some royalty lessons? ITV’s ‘Victoria’ covers Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne through her early life and into her relationship with her loyal, and very dashing, husband, Prince Albert. You may already know the story (you know, with it being history!) but this show will have you hanging on just to see what happens next.

Buy now:

  • Forget COVID-19, we’re more AC-12. If modern policing is more your thing, then we’re proud to recruit you into the best Anti-Corruption unit around. Although the new series’ production has been halted, *cries softly*, series 1-5 have just been added to BBC iPlayer. Make sure you’re fully caught up, oh and rookie, don’t forget to join the official Line of Duty Facebook group to share all your theories, ideas and H memes ahead of the new series!

Catch-up now:

  • Now, you may have enough TV to keep you busy but with those schools closed, how are you supposed to get time to watch it all? Don’t fear, the Sunny Bunnies are here! Five bundles of light that love to get up to mischief, the perfect distraction for the kids! Make sure you’re following the official Sunny Bunnies YouTube page for all new, and old, episodes.

Watch them here:

  • If you’re a traditionalist who loves week-by-week viewing, then we currently have two shows going out to keep you entertained! For real drama, check out Five Guys A Week over on Channel 4, Tuesdays at 9:15pm where each week one woman opens her door to five guys and heart to one. Or, if scripted drama is more your taste, then The Good Karma Hospital airs Sundays at 8pm on ITV, where a young British doctor takes on a role in a busy South Indian hospital, with interesting consequences. Both are a feel-good way to spend an evening of isolation with your significant other!

Remember, that each one of these shows has its own social campaign that we think is quite good and engaging, so make sure you tweet along using the appropriate hashtags!

In all seriousness, we hope you’re using this time to keep yourself and your family safe. Use these shows as a fun distraction but don’t forget that supporting and caring for each other is currently the most important thing. Stay safe, stay at home and #StopTheSpread.

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