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Creating & curating is our middle name. We are experts in online storytelling, generating talk-a-bility, and engaging audiences.

We are your Social Media publicity partner, helping you trend weekly, win awards annually and sell continually internationally.

Is your production worth shouting about? Let us create your Social Media Voice, build a loyal fandom and build relationships with national & international press.

Why Use Social Media For TV?

Connecting & engaging with our audience has never been more important to TV because it:

  • Gives the audience something extra to engage with beyond the programme.
  • Deepens audience engagement, loyalty & increases viewing figures.
  • Increases fan votes.
  • Allows us to get feedback & develop programmes.
  • Helps with stunts, PR, further marketing, etc.
  • Reaches new audiences (particularly hard to reach ones) & join wider conversations.
  • Boosts international sales & engagement.
  • Allows us to engage with other shows and talent.

Audience Behaviour:

Viewers, particularly younger audiences, are changing their viewing habits:

  • Our audiences now spend a significant amount of their time on Social Media – whilst watching their favourite programmes. Two screen viewing has become a way of life.
  • Youth audiences no longer watch on a week-by-week basis. They tune into a show roughly 3 weeks into TX and choose what they watch based on peer, celebrity and media endorsement (talk-a-bility). They devour a show, rather than watching during broadcast timings.
  • Viewers want more access, more content and more interaction with the shows they love.

What We Do:

  • Create professional and verified accounts
  • Manage and support the production team during filming, TX and beyond.
  • Create hype and talk-a-bility
  • Build fandoms, relationships with viewers and generate votes.
  • Work with press & third parties to generate positive messages.
  • We become part of your team & assist you online and off.

How we help you:

  • Engage with fans live and create social moments as they encounter on-screen moments.
  • Keep the conversation going during the week between episodes (or even all year).
  • Harness fan relationships and support award nominations.
  • Work with other press and personalities via Social Media.
  • Give your shows a voice.
  • Help support Word Of Mouth and gain more viewers.

Notable Social Media:


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