Market Intelligence & Monetisation at Pact Future NE

In the heart of Newcastle, UK production companies gathered for an event organised by Pact Future North East in collaboration with North East Screen. On Thursday, November 30th, the industry experts David Dunhill, the Managing Director, and Jo Booth, the Founder of SMMS, explained how to unravel the mysteries of social media market intelligence and the potential target audience of paid advertising on social media.

Jo presented to the group where to find and discover free tools and reports to help with market intelligence; to understand the market size and how to stand out. Through practical demonstrations, and working with the audience, Jo explained how to profile the demographics of the potential social media audience and utilise social listening. Jo also explained the importance of ALT text in social media to reach a UK audience of over 2MM who are visually impaired.

The afternoon session, led by David Dunhill, touched on how using social media paid advertising can reach a very targeted audience compared to other forms of PR and marketing. David demonstrated the potential reach with various monetary values on Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and TikTok.

Following was an insightful Q&A session featuring David Dunhill alongside Georgia Branch, the CEO of WCP Brands. The conversation navigated how monetisation on social media works, and explained what CPMs are, what criteria is required and what content is best.

Throughout the event, the collaboration between SMMS, Pact Future NE, and North East Screen showcased a commitment to empowering production companies with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the digital age. Attendees departed armed with actionable insights to revolutionise their social media strategies and drive their businesses forward.

We thank Pact for inviting us to speak at the event.

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