Welcome to SMMS James and Chorcha

Introducing James McGrogan and Chorcha Harper-Kershaw

We are thrilled to welcome James McGrogan and Chorcha Harper-Kershaw to the Social Media Makes Sense team as our new senior social media executives. With their extensive experience and proven track records, we are confident that their contributions will take our client’s social media presence to new heights.

James McGrogan joins us with a diverse background in multi-channel marketing and a keen eye for managing multiple social platforms. His creative prowess and ability to increase engagement rates make him a valuable addition to our team. James’s expertise in leveraging TikTok trends and creating thumb-stopping content will contribute to achieving our client’s broader strategic goals, such as brand awareness and viewership of productions.

Prior to joining us, James served as a digital content creator at Lightbox Digital. During his time there, he was responsible for producing short-term video content across TikTok, LinkedIn, and Reels. Notably, his contributions resulted in brands like Megabus and Purity experiencing significant success. For instance, James played a pivotal role in helping Megabus achieve over 250,000 views on TikTok within just three months of launching their account. We are excited to see how his expertise will elevate our social media campaigns.

Chorcha Harper-Kershaw, our other new senior social media executive, brings a wealth of experience as a freelance social media manager, with a specialisation in the hospitality sector. Her expertise spans content creation, community management, strategy development, and driving growth. Chorcha has successfully managed social media accounts on an independent basis, contributing to brand marketing meetings and crafting engaging campaigns that align with client goals and objectives.

During her tenure as a freelance social media manager, Chorcha displayed a remarkable ability to handle all aspects of a brand’s online presence. From creating compelling content to fostering community engagement, her contributions consistently yielded outstanding results. Chorcha’s deep understanding of the hospitality sector allowed her to deliver cohesive brand messages, cultivate customer loyalty, and maximize online visibility within this specific industry. Her adaptability and ability to tailor strategies to different sectors will undoubtedly benefit our clients.

With James and Chorcha joining our social media team, we are confident that their combined expertise will propel our client’s campaigns, productions and brand awareness forward. Their collaborative efforts, innovative strategies, and creative thinking will enhance our online presence and contribute to our continued success.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to James and Chorcha. We are excited about the journey ahead and their positive impact on our social media campaigns for our clients. James can be reached at James@smms.guru and Chorcha at Chorcha@smms.guru.

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