Streaming services are made for binge watching our beloved box sets on a cold winters day. With the ability to pause, rewind and record our favourite moments, television has never been so easy. Since the first broadcast in 1930, courtesy of the BBC, television has come a long way. From humble home-made affairs to the first TV sets, few could afford to indulge in perhaps what is now the nations favourite pastime. In 1996, the United Nations announced that November 21st would become World Television Day. Television can entertain and inform and this is a day to recognise the impact it has had on our everyday lives. Here are a just few of TV’s most memorable moments over the last few decades.

  • June 2nd 1953: The nation united to watch as Elizabeth II was crowned Queen of England. The first, and so far only, coronation that was available for public viewing. This is often stated as the day that changed television. A day of unity and community that would be shared by over 20 million people.
  • 1960s: This era brought with it the Manchester based soap opera Coronation street and 9,298 episodes later it’s still running strong, with its 50th Anniversary attracting over 14 million viewers.
  • 1963: The year a mysterious Doctor appeared on the BBC and since then we’ve devotedly followed the adventures of time-travelling, space-hopping William Hartnell on his intergalactic journey. Although he doesn’t quite look the same as when it began…
  • 1969: The moment that man first walked on the moon, capturing the worlds imagination as we were able to join astronaut Neil Armstrong taking those very first steps.
  • 1975: Classic sitcom Fawlty Towers ran until 1979, set in a Torquay Hotel and managed by the constantly frustrated Basil (John Cleese) along with his wife Sybil (Prunella Scales). Sketches included attacking his broken-down car with a tree branch and finding a rat in a biscuit tin, Basils misadventures continue to entertain with repeated viewings.
  • 1985: Live Aid would become known as the biggest live rock event ever, organised by Bob Geldolf to raise money for the famine victims in Ethiopia. With an all-star lineup broadcast live from both London and USA, the event was watched by over 1.5 billion worldwide raising over £110 million for charity.
  • 2005: Doctor Who returned to our screens after an eighteen-year absence, with actor Christopher Eccleston taking on the role as the ninth depiction of this much-loved character. 2018 will carve the way for our first female Doctor portrayed by actress Jodie Whitaker. With a huge fan base, Doctor Who truly is a staple of British Television.

In the 2000s television began to change, from on demand services to programs streaming direct to TV. We are now able to carry our favourite programs in our pockets and watch them anywhere at any time. Who knows what the future may hold for television, but it will continue to entertain and inform in whatever form it may take. Why not catch up with some of our shows such as Poldark, Victoria and Endeavour? Make the most of having a day devoted to TV. Kick back, relax and in proper British style, have a cuppa.

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