Complete management of all your social media handles. Including asset creation, curation and community management.

You’ll be responsible for the output of your own content, we advise, train and analyse your Social Media. Providing in-depth insights designed and tailored specifically for you and your production.

Supplement your existing output or help create deliverables for international broadcasters, events or screening. We film interviews, take photos and use final episodes to create content such as gifs, cinemographs, video clips, stings, quote cards, etc.

We’ll show you how to run a strong and impactful Social Media campaign, create an effective strategy and show you all the tools that we use to create ourselves to manage high-profile pages.

From TX live engagement to compliance checks, we can monitor your accounts, connect with your audience daily & engage with wider communities for you. We also find influential accounts, groups and other communities to share your content with, which enables your brand to tap into new audiences in an authentic way.

Billions of people use social media globally and we can use paid social advertising to tap into these audiences nationally and globally. Social media advertising is the fastest way of reaching your audience and developing your brand recognition; forget billboards, start thinking feeds.