Van der Valk is Coming Back!

SMMS to Promote Van der Valk

Manchester’s SMMS Ltd are pleased to announce that Company Pictures has appointed them to manage the Social Media for the forthcoming series of their new ITV drama, Van Der Valk.

Marc Warren (Safe, Mad Dogs) stars as streetwise Dutch detective Van der Valk in a new detective series filmed entirely on location in Amsterdam and is written by Chris Murray (Lewis, Midsomer Murders).  VAN DER VALK also stars Maimie McCoy (The Three Musketeers) as Lucienne Hassell, his gutsy and fiercely competent right-hand woman

Jo Booth, SMMS Director says, “This is a really exciting project for us, and we’re looking forward to working with Michele Buck and her team at Company Pictures.  We handle the social media accounts for many iconic detective series – Line of Duty, Endeavour, Unforgotten, Agatha Raisin Series1, McDonald and Dodd, so Van der Valk is another great addition to our sleuthing collaborations.”

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