Use Facebook Live to Grow Your Business

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is the latest innovation for small businesses to connect and interact with followers in real time – and expand clientele along the way in a fun and exciting manner.

A winning online marketing strategy is very important these days, and Facebook Live has been developed for the purpose of adding that extra boost to your marketing campaign.

People just love watching videos and so, capitalizing on recent trends of online video consumption, Facebook Live has the very real potential to radically change the way marketers and consumers collaborate.

Facebook Live lets people, public figures and pages share their choices of live video with followers and friends on Facebook. As a small business owner or partner, you can broadcast video to a very large audience, with just a camera right in your hand!

How to use Facebook Live

Understanding Facebook Live is undoubtedly a golden opportunity insofar as successful social media marketing is concerned – and it’s easy to use too. Starting a live video is really simple. Once you have it downloaded on your iOS or Android Facebook app, simply hit the ‘new status’ button at the top and hit the live broadcast button. Then write a short description and tap ‘Go Live’, at which point the live stream will appear on the news feeds of all your connections.  Everyone will be able to watch and comment as you broadcast. This way, you get to field any burning questions, hear what’s on their minds, and check out their immediate reactions to measure how your broadcast is going.

Remember, you can use Facebook Live to engage followers in various ways.  Share what’s on your mind, answer questions, comment on current events or add a friend/colleague to the conversation to spark more interest.  You can play a song, rehearse a scene, practice your sport or provide a peek into your particular niche.

Watch your favourite shows, movies or live stream along with your audience.  You can teach people how to cook, play music, or learn about current events.  It’s all up to you exactly how you want to engage your viewers depending on your particular business aim, and Facebook live just makes it all possible.


Tips & tricks

A few nifty tips are recommended when using Facebook Live, so as to increase its effectiveness.  For example, informing your audience beforehand when you’ll be going live will enable you to automatically build up the anticipation.

By reminding your audience to tap on the Follow button on live videos, they can receive notifications the next time you go live. This way, they know to tune in to your broadcasts at just the right time and subsequently your business has a new marketing tool.

It’s good to be personal with your viewers too – and with Facebook Live you can say hello to commenters by name and respond to them in real time. This way, you will really connect with your audience and make them feel special.


The benefits of using Facebook Live are far reaching indeed. You will use a lot less time than with writing a blog post, for example.  It’s also beneficial in ways that encompass the attention span of people nowadays – Facebook Live video gives your audience a way to interact without using tons of energy. It will surely open up a whole world of opportunities for your brand/business by expanding your connections and enabling your network to maximize in size by keeping viewers engaged in the moment and simultaneously getting them all excited about upcoming broadcastings.

After the broadcast, your video is automatically saved and from there on you can share it or do whatever you deem fit so to further increase your connections.  All in all, this is a sure way to GROW your business by using technology combined with the social media power of Facebook.

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