The Benefits of Creating a Business Page on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often misunderstood by many people; this misconstrued site is regularly seen as a place just for job hunters and for growing your professional network.   But this is not entirely true, LinkedIn is an equally effective tool for generating potential business customers and nurturing already existing customer and client relationships.

As the largest professional network in the world with over 120 million members it’s an ideal platform for companies to advertise themselves and recruit new, top employees.

Not only will a company page encourage your audience to make contact with you at the click of a keyboard but if created correctly, with no errors, valued information and well managed by company administrators it will also enhance the credibility of your company to your audience.

Whereas personal LinkedIn profiles traditionally showcase the user’s skills and can be set to private, a business page is publicly visible by default. Therefore a business page helps to showcase your business not a single employee. Because company pages are visible by default it means that content shared from this page is ranked on the web, resulting in an impact on your brand’s SEO ranking. This can also be aided by ensuring that in the summary explanation of your page it includes relevant key words so the page appears in website results.

LinkedIn members not only use the site for following and networking with other professional individuals but also for following companies to keep updated with news, developments and job vacancies from that organisation.

Once you set up a business page your employees can act as indirect brand ambassadors. For example when an employee updates their current experience section with your company’s name, it is automatically attached to your company page. This is in turn identified by an interactive image of your company logo allowing viewers to move seamlessly from the employee’s profile to your business page.

By ensuring that all employees have correctly linked their profile to your company page it increases the chance of their connections clicking on your links to your page.

Unlike other social media sites where posts are often lost in the time line of others, LinkedIn company pages allow you to select your most important post or the post you want to be viewed the most and pin it to the top of your page’s news feed. This post will then remain there until you choose to unpin it. This is a handy feature for promoting a company event, achievement or success story.

Each LinkedIn company page has the feature of a promotional section which allows you to promote your products and services. This space allows you to provide detailed information about your company. To better target your audience, LinkedIn allows you to create custom campaigns based on industry, title, location and other segments. You have the ability to add rotating banners as well as coupons and discounts, videos, and recommendations from customers, peers and colleagues.