Following the success of Series IV, SMMS Ltd are happy to announce their continued partnership with Endeavour as they begin filming Series V, marking the 30th anniversary of Inspector Morse on ITV. Endeavour is set to air six feature-length films of the Inspector Morse prequel series,

Following the continued success of BBC's Poldark, Social Media Makes Sense Ltd. are pleased to announce their partnership with the show for Series 3 as it gets ready to air on 11 June! Having built almost 250,000 followers across Facebook and Twitter over the first two

Following their success with other hit shows such as Poldark (BBC) and Victoria (ITV), Jo Booth and her company Social Media Makes Sense Ltd are pleased to announce their partnership with the new ITV show Fearless as it launches tonight (12/06/2017). Fearless is a legal thriller

Watching TV has never been as interactive as it is today. Social Media has become the new ‘word of mouth’. Yes, we could discuss our favourite programmes with our friends and family - but why not create a conversation for the world to see? Well,

Social Media creates online fan club ‘communities’ where users are able to join groups, pages or simply participate in discussions. The people who join these come from all over the world, all different ages, nationalities, backgrounds and ethnicities, but they all have a common interest

Today we no longer direct our attention to the single screen – the TV. Our mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc. play such a huge role in our lives, that they have become the Second Screen which we monitor as much as, or even more than, the