Looking to use Tweetdeck in order to track and schedule up yours/your businesses  Twitter page? Look no further, our easy to follow video tutorial will give you all the tips and info you need in order to master Tweetdeck.   What is Tweetdeck?   A social media platform for real-time

These days it is vital to have a string social media posting technique. Using social media for your business is all well and good, but are you creating the customer engagement you’re aiming for? If the answer is no, then have a look at this easy

What is WeTransfer? WeTransfer is a cloud-based file transferring platform (you send the file and they transfer it on to your desired email address) which allows users to send files small or large with no stress, no hassle, and no charge, all you need is internet access and a valid

Are you looking to create better, more interesting social media content? Don't have an artistic bone in your body? No problem, neither do I. That's why I suggest you go check out Canva.com and start creating beautiful, engaging images for you business today. Canva is easy to

As a keen blogger myself, it’s easy for me to shout about the joy of blogging. However, it’s not just the joy of blogging that makes so many of us sit down, spend the time to write and publish our work. There are probably hundreds

Ever feel like your business is lagging behind? Like you’ve missed out that one key element to success? And you want to interact with your customers, reach a wider audience and optimize your skills and company? If you find yourself saying yes to any one

Dipping Your Toe In Welcome.  Below I have written a detailed breakdown on all things blogging; what is blogging, how to write a blog, what to write about, how long a blog should be, where to post your blog, how to get reads & shares and

Does Keeping on Top of Your Social Media Marketing Feel Overwhelming? Come on our Social Media Strategy Masterclass and be given the tools and Know-How to make your Social Media Marketing so much simpler. We will show you how to integrate Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn so your message is

Our Head Trainer, Jo Booth, was recently interviewed by Matthew Stibbe (from Articulate Marketing), on behalf of Microsoft, about her thoughts on getting started with Social Media for small and medium-sized businesses – how to get started and how to make it work for your business.