Supercharge Your Headlines with These Unbelievably Effective Words

Stop guessing. Discover the words that are GUARANTEED to captivate your audience.

Ever wondered why some people get all the likes and shares, while your brilliant post gets left by the wayside?

It’s not just luck

Writing well is a mix of intuition, empathy, practice and results.

That’s a combination of gut feel and experience, learning what works by listening carefully, failing and getting back up again, and then measuring what works and holding yourself accountable.

It can take years to accumulate that knowledge, but there is a short cut available to those in the know.

It’s time to get emotional

Every decision we make is emotional. No matter who you are it is emotion that’s driving your choices.

As marketers, we can tap into that emotion and serve information our readers are more likely to respond to.

Now, you still need intuition and a lot of empathy to connect to the emotions of your audience, but with a list of power words at hand, you can increase your chances of a click-through in record time.

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Read on to discover 10 of the most powerful words you can use to captivate your audience.

  1. Discover

It’s secret, it’s unknown. You are one of the first, perhaps the only person to uncover this amazing, wondrous thing…hidden back here behind this hyperlink. Come click and discover things you don’t know, reveal secrets and destinies as yet uncovered…

This word pulls on our curiosity, our longing for individuality and to be special.

  1. 100% money back guarantee

This is all about trust. Earning it takes time, having it is a privilege, keeping it is one of the best ways to grow a business. These particular words are not to be used lightly. Only use if you’re genuinely promising to give 100% of the money back if your customers aren’t happy.

  1. Easy / Instant

Oo, it’s like sliding down a slide. Easy peasy lemon squeezey. Appeal to the LazyBoy in every one of us and make life look EFFORTLESS.

  1. Never
    Never again, never before. Once in a lifetime! This word both forbids action and creates a sense of scarcity. Is anything ever more appealing than when it’s not allowed or very rare?
  2. Proven

Appeal to the scientist inside. This word evokes trust and authority. Be careful, though – have you got the stats to back that claim up?

  1. Mind-blowing

Informal, youthful, cinematic. This power word appeals to the kid inside all of us. Who doesn’t want to THIS amazed by something!

  1. Now

Right. This. Instant. This works on two levels: it can feel quick and instant (see above), and it can make something feel time-sensitive and scarce. An action-driving word to use.

     8. Their NAME

Is there anything more charming than someone remembering your name? This is the ULTIMATE power word and should always be used in email marketing and (if you’re savvy like that) personalised web pages.

  1. How to

Oo, knowledge. Readers will flock to your content like a moth to the flame. You’ll demonstrate authority with these two words. It’s vital however that what you’re explaining how to do is of interest to your audience. What will the end of that sentence be?

  1. Money

The world is undeniably obsessed by it. Money-saving, money-making. Its sisters ‘free’, ‘value’ and ‘priceless’ can be equally effective. Watch how others use this for inspiration. You’ll find it everywhere!

Which power words will you use in your next headline?

Remember: use your intuition and empathy to understand what your audience is experiencing, so you can offer them the content they really need and engage them with the right words.

There are 248 more of these words available in a handy download from Incredibble Marketing. Head there now to get your copy.


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