Local Goes vocal via ‘Call Now’ Facebook Feature

Social media giant Facebook revealed yesterday its brand new suite of features which will make it easier for businesses to respond privately and quickly to customer inquiries using the already existing messenger app.

Business owners and page admins will soon be able to reply to comments on posts with a private message, making it a lot easier to address customer requests as quickly as possible straight from the comments section.

The new feature will have a ‘Message’ button which will appear next to the Like and Reply buttons underneath a comment. This cutting-edge button will open up a Messenger interface, along with the original comment for reference so the customer knows what the business is responding to.  Facebook’s new feature will also inform the customer that he or she is communicating via private message to avoid confusion.

To avoid Facebook users being spammed by businesses and business pages, users also have the additional option to block private messages from businesses.

For many, this new feature is a considerable public relations relief when it comes to unhappy customers.  The ability to take conversations to a private message rather than on your company profile wall takes the unsatisfactory comments out of the heat of the public eye.

The social media company is also rolling out an additional call-to-action button that allows customers to directly communicate and contact a business after seeing an ad in their news feed.  The new embedded ‘Send Message’ button allows customers to go from viewing an advertisement to striking up a conversation with the business owner online.

By clicking on the ‘Send Message’ button a Facebook Messenger window will appear allowing customers and businesses to communicate the same as any standard message.

To encourage the use of the new tools, Facebook has introduced an award system to businesses which works by awarding digital badges to those that respond to 90 percent of private messages in less than five minutes.  This awarded badge notifies customers that the business is ‘very responsive to messages.’  Business owners can access their response time measurements from a private analytical dashboard connected to their Facebook page.

The idea behind this system is to help customers know which pages are the most likely to get back to you after enquiry.

The added focus on Facebook Messenger should help customers feel closer to the businesses and Pages they subscribe to.

Facebook is keeping the suspense over the new features high, telling users to expect the new tools to show up on Pages over the coming weeks.