Hootsuite allows you to schedule Instagram posts…almost!

It’s the moment all social media worshippers have been waiting for, after plentiful requests from numerous users of Hootsuite, it’s finally here. Scheduling Instagram posts is now a reality.

Hootsuite which is a social media management system allows all of your social media platforms to be arranged in one dashboard or app, making it an efficient and handy option for those of us who post across multiple social networking sites.

According to Hootsuite, scheduling Instagram posts is one of the most requested features from users.  So to get around Instagram’s T&Cs which disallow uploading images via and API Hootsuite have taken on a similar approach to other apps such as Latergram.

Although you can create your post and get it ready through Hootsuite, the social media management app acts as a notification system rather than a scheduling system via Instagram.  The integration of Hootsuite and Instagram is not as compatible as with other social media sites as you still need your phone handy to actually publish your photo.

Rather than post the photo for you Hootsuite will send a push notification from the app which, when clicked on, directs you to the notification centre.  Tapping this notification will then open your image in the Instagram app allowing you to click publish.

While you may be thinking this amalgamation seems ineffective, it does streamline the process and stops brands and companies from sending out too many Instagram posts.