How guest bloggers can improve your website traffic.

Guest blogging is a very effective way to rapidly increase your website traffic.  Numerous benefits are to be gained by going about guest blogging the right way.  So rather than your blog being nearly, or just barely visible, guest blogging is the perfect way to make your website more visible in order to reach out to a much wider audience.

There are basically two ways to utilize guest blogging to your advantage.  You could be blogging on another site or conversely, you could get someone to guest blog on your own site.  Both these methods have great potential to reach out to a captive audience that you have not been able to reach before.  The most important aspect of using guest blogging as a means to improve website traffic, is that guest posts should intrinsically provide value to your readers –whether it being your own current readers or that of someone else.

Keep in mind that blogs should ideally be relevant to the topic/product/service at hand so to grab the attention of readers as opposed to alienating them.  However, if the guest blog post is about something which could be possibly paired with your niche, value is similarly added.

Let’s take a closer look at the two ways by which to use guest blogging to drive traffic:

1. Guests Blogging on Your Own Site

Allowing guests to post a blog on your site has two advantages.  First and foremost, it increases the traffic to content in your site by captivating the guest blogger’s audience.  If you can get someone to make just a single blogpost on a weekly basis, it could well take care of ¼ of your content whilst driving more traffic.   By combining your own posts with that of a guest blogger’s, you create that much more content to draw readers to your site.  Basically, it enables you to win over readers from the guest blogger’s existing audience.

The other great benefit of a guest blogger blogging on your site is that you gain access to their social networks.  As soon as their article gets published to your site, they will most likely push their article to their own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts. Needless to say, this instantly raises your site to a whole new level in terms of audience.

2. Guest Blogging for another Site

Stategy cartoon andersonNow the idea of putting your valuable content on another site might seem a bit risky and unsettling.  You might feel like adding content to your own site would be more beneficial and makes more sense, and the choice is rightly yours.  Just remember that boosting your own site with excellent content by guest bloggers should be as important as generating high quality links back to your own site by means of guest blogging on another site.  When opting to write a blog post on another site then, you can use specific keywords and link them back to pages on your site.  This way, people click on your links, which in turn drives up traffic to your website.  Also, it’s a sure way to help your SEO ranking in Google.

Another benefit of guest blogging on another site is that you get to show off to their readers and hopefully convert some them to become your own.  This may not happen overnight, however making multiple guest posts is more than likely to have you gain their readers’ trust and get them to read content on your own site.  This scenario could be compared to how often regular guest stars on television shows end up with their own spinoff series. Think about it!  Whatever route you decide to take, whether one or both of these – guest blogging is an excellent way to drive website traffic.

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