Facebook introduces new online video service ‘Watch’.

Are you struggling to balance catching up with all those ‘Netflix’ series? Well get ready because Facebook now want a piece of the TV pie run by Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and other linear TV channels by launching a rival video service called ‘Watch’.

‘Watch’ is a new tab within the Facebook platform to house original video content produced exclusively by media partners, with ad revenue shared between the content producer and Facebook. ‘Watch’ features personalised recommendations of live and recorded shows to watch, plus categories like “Most Talked About,” “What’s Making People Laugh” and “Shows Your Friends Are Watching.”

It supports Facebook’s strategy to become the one stop show destination for digital audiences as well. Facebook is the place to talk to friends, buy stuff, get your latest news and now watch TV.

This presents many new opportunities production companies and their content in terms of exploring new ways of storytelling and reaching underserved audiences but it has risks as well. The content on Facebook is not distinguished as long form or short form but as ‘episodic’ shows and could pose a threat to more conventional television channels and their shows. Facebook is adapting to changes in viewing habits and making it more convenient to enjoy viewing experiences without leaving their platform.

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