Create Great Artwork

How To Create Great Artwork, For FREE!

social media content

Are you looking to create better, more interesting social media content? Don’t have an artistic bone in your body? No problem, neither do I. That’s why I suggest you go check out Canva.com and start creating beautiful, engaging images for you business today.

Canva is easy to use, filled with great ideas and best of all most of the designs are FREE! And for those with a little spare cash (from as little as $1), you can create even better, more sophisticated designs too.

Canva is perfect for creating social media images, cover photos, promotional online flyers and even album artwork. Even if you aren’t Leonardo Da Vinci, Canva has lots of ready made designs to make sure you create something aesthetically pleasing and shareable. The image above I created for us and it cost nothing!

So there you have it, easy, effective, affordable design ideas at your finger tips.

Be warned, you may get addicted!

Happy designing,


PS If you want expert help getting started with Canva and discovering how to create even better designs, please attend our Canva Masterclass: http://socialmediamakessense.co.uk/events/