The SMMS team are a dream to work with. They know their platforms inside out and create engaging and original content. I'd highly recommend them to anyone
Laura Louise WattsITV

Quality content is the best way to engage fans, generate talk-ability and demonstrate your production’s value, and we pride ourselves on our original asset creation. The SMMS Content Creation team can be used to supplement your existing output or help create deliverables for international broadcasters, events or screenings. We film interviews, take photos and use final episodes to create content such as gifs, cinemographs, video clips, stings, quote cards, etc. all in-house. By creating blogs, Infographics and other more informative content we raise we raise the bar for your brand’s tone and authority.

All assets are socially friendly, and made from the best quality content, so you can hand them as deliverables to a Channel or use them on your own Social Media Campaigns. With in-depth knowledge of the platforms and latest social media developments, we explore your computer activity and what’s performing well to create the most interactive, immersive and shareable content for you.

Our creative team will come up with unique ideas to make your content stand out and attract attention from fans, media and international viewers.

We have previously worked with Pitch Battle, BBC One’s 2017 singing competition, to collect and curate content for their in-house social team during TX. We also supported the one-off documentary ‘Young, Gifted & Broke’ by production company Libra Television. As filming had already taken place we created content directly from the film footage, providing live posts that went out during TX. We used behind the scenes extras to introduce the talent and emphasise key moments.