Calling all LinkedIn users: Important update


Social media platforms are always rolling out changes, updates and new content. This time LinkedIn has announced an important update that concerns all its avid users. As of June 30th, 2017, LinkedIn will be deprecating its API for groups.

In other words, you will no longer be able to access content from, or share content to, a LinkedIn Group through external platforms, such as Hootsuite. For all the Hootsuite users out there, here’s a heads up on what this means for you:

On June 30th, group streams will stop populating with data, and Hootsuite will no longer post to Groups. Whether you wish to empty your streams and Groups at that time, Group streams and social networks will be removed from all your Hootsuite dashboards at a later date.

Messages scheduled for any Groups on or after June 30th will fail to send. If you want to save your content to use later, simply export the scheduled messages.

From June 1st, it was no longer possible to add a LinkedIn Group to the Hootsuite dashboard.

However, aside from all of this, LinkedIn profiles and Company Pages will continue to function as normal in Hootsuite, and Groups can still be accessed in LinkedIn.

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