Top 10 Apps that would’ve helped Queen Victoria’s Household

Applications are becoming an integral part of our everyday life.  It’s easy to forget that once upon a time so much of what we have now wasn’t so readily available to us.  As we sit here, we’re wondering how life would have been if ITV’s Queen Victoria had been an avid mobile user.  Which of our well-known apps would her servants have used and which ones would have made a tough reign slightly easier?

Ancestry:  Season 2 introduced us to a very thought-provoking plotline regarding Albert’s father.  Who was he really, and is it true that his Uncle Leopold was in the running for daddy of the year?  Wouldn’t it have been much easier if they’d had access to Ancestry to give them all those gritty details.  On second thoughts – this family tree may get a little complicated…

WhatsApp:  All that running back and forth between Brocket Hall and Kensington Palace has got to be exhausting.  Wouldn’t downloading What’sApp have made everything a little easier on our Queen’s little legs?  Lord M’s dating advice on demand.  What could be better?

Bible:  A digital bible would have been very convenient.  Compact and discreet.  Victoria could even have shared it with the Duchess for the next time they visit France.

Flo: Keeping track of that fertility may have saved Victoria a little stress. Jumping up and down isn’t the most reliable form of contraception.

Tinder:  Dating around the palace is not unknown, there’s always some scandal! Their like some happy, but slightly dysfunctional family.  Perhaps if they’d had Tinder they could have seen who else was in the local area and ventured out from behind the palace walls.

Pinterest:  Skerett’s signature hairstyle won the Queen’s heart and her a place in the royal household.  I’m sure she’d be a regular pinner, she’d have a whole board based on the Queen’s outfit inspo, hairstyles and makeup looks from her trip to France.

Your M.D:  Yes, this is symptom checker app.  I can imagine the WhatsApp conversation now.  Dear Harriett. Check out this new app I downloaded from the App store. Ernst.

Tasty:  Francatelli, Victoria’s head chef, would have a field day with this application.  I wonder what Gordon Ramsay would say about his rather extravagant Christmas cake?

Google Translate:  Jetzt kann ich deutsch sprechen.  I’m sure Albert would be thrilled.

Magic Piano: Who doesn’t want to practise the piano from any location?  Bed, bathroom, a parliament meeting with Peel?  Maybe Albert would get off Victoria’s back if she scored higher than him on Magic Piano.

Albert’s obsession with all things technical suggests that he’d be thrilled by our list of handy applications, whether Queen Victoria would be as ‘appy as him, I guess we’ll never know.



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