9 tips to creating effective Facebook events!


Being able to quickly and effectively organise events and workshops is absolutely essential to many modern businesses. Fortunately, creating and advertising your events, as well as gauging customer interest has never been easier thanks to Facebook.

It takes only a matter of seconds to create a Facebook event to advertise your next workshop or seminar and see who wants to come. However, don’t let the ease of creating a Facebook event lull you into complacency; your clients Facebook calendars are probably already full of other social and business events. Luckily, making your Facebook event stand out from the crowd is actually very easy. Here are a few tips:

1. Make sure you double and triple check the details before you make the event. – Having to change the time and venue of the event at a later date is both embarrassing for you and potentially frustrating for your clients.

2. Give your event an interesting title. – If you want your event to stand out, it’s tempting to use excessive amounts of capital letters and exclamation points: resist this temptation – you aren’t a 19 year old club promoter. Be simple and concise, but try to give your event name an intriguing hook to draw in potential customers. A question can be a great way of piquing someone’s interest, for example, ‘How Can Social Media Expand Your Business? A Seminar By Social Media Makes Sense’ is better than ‘A Seminar On Using Social Media To Expand Your Business By Social Media Makes Sense.’

3. Be clear and concise in your description. – Why are you putting on the event? What will prospective clients gain by coming to it? Who is running the event? These are the types of questions that people will want to know so use the description to answer them but remember to be as ‘to the point’ as possible. Two or three paragraphs is ideal. Save something for the actual event! In addition, make sure to include a contact number and email address so clients can contact you as quickly and easily as possible.

Untitled smms4. Make use of the event cover photo space. – Just like on personal profiles, your event has space for a cover photo. Put a poster and your branding in this space. It makes your event look much more attractive and an attractive event page means more customers.

5. Don’t judge your attendance based on who has or hasn’t clicked ‘attending’. – Contrary to popular belief, people in the 21st Century are polite. If you’ve invited friends or relatives to your event they may have clicked ‘attending’ just to show their support, not because they’re actually coming. Essentially you should largely ignore who has and hasn’t clicked ‘attending’. Instead, include a link to a ticket selling site such as Eventbrite (don’t worry, you can even ‘sell’ tickets for £0.00 if necessary) in your event description and judge your attendance based on that.

6. Check your privacy settings. – If you’re hosting a public event, you need to make sure the event’s privacy settings are ‘public’ to make sure as many people see the event as possible. That way whenever a client clicks ‘attending’ it will appear on their timeline for friends and family to see as well.

7. Invite everyone. – It should go without saying but it’s often surprising how reluctant people are to invite all their contacts to an event. The more people who see your event the better. And if people don’t want the notifications, it’s easy for them to click ‘not attending’. If you really want to target your event to a specific audience you can invite friends individually or via groups.

8. Build the hype. – A week or so before the event, starting using the event page to post teasers and hints about what customers can expect. It can be a great way of reminding and re-engaging your audience, especially if you created the event a long time in advance. But be careful not to annoy your clients with constant notifications. A few posts a week is more than enough!

9. Encourage friends, relatives and past-clients to share the event. – Most people have about 400 friends on Facebook. If you can convince a few people to share your event, you can easily boost its views to several thousand very quickly!

Follow these tips and you’re sure to maximise attendance at any event you host!

Happy hosting,

Jack Rear