Social Media Master Class

Any Idiot Can Write a Tweet. Too true! But can they bring added value to your production?

In-House Indies Social Media Training Day

This one-day course will show you how to leverage the value and effectiveness of your Social Media.

It is designed to bring the latest Social Media Strategies and Insights to Indies and their Social Media staff.

The training is bespoke to your production house and your staff.

The emphasis will be on how each platform offers different opportunities for your productions, and how to analyse results and effects.

Social Media is rapidly changing the dynamics of TV productions and audience relations. Many Indies are just now catching up with the influence and changes to the marketplace brought about by the world-wide audience & fan-building possibilities Social Media can achieve.

The main aim will be to guide you in how to get the best results from your staff and/or independent Social Media providers. Do you know what to expect and what’s effective for your productions? You will at the end of this day!

During the day you will learn about:

Promoting Your Indie

* Complementing each other – The Publicist vs Social Media Management (working with wider marketing & publicity)

* Strategy & Tactics

* How to Building an Effective SM Strategy when directing staff and/or SM providers

* Getting more recognition

* Tools & Resources for success or How to Get Your Act Together to take advantage of all the free stuff.


* What the key elements are of creating SM assets for Channel sign-off

* Re-commissioning

* Channel Expectations/Deliverables

* Managing expectations, understanding how to create shareable assets

* Permissions


* Skimmers/Swimmers/Divers – moving them through the ranks

* Mobilising fan bases

* Great campaigns – examples and why they work

* Second Screen viewing trends during TX

* Building Fan bases/audience participation Pre/during & post TX

* Awards & Voting campaigns


* Latest thinking

* Where are they now? FB? Twitter? Instagram? Where will they be? Why are they there?

* Pitfalls and Cons

* Tools, Resources & Ideas

To register your interest email or call her 07748474817.

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