5 Tips to Using Instagram to Your Advantage

Following on from the news at the end of last month that Instagram has overtaken Twitter after the amount of users hit a mighty 400 million; if your business doesn’t have an Instagram account, it’s probably wise that you set one up! Here are some tips to setting up your Instagram account and using it effectively to drive traffic to your website.

1. Make sure you’re easy to find
Most likely you already have a Twitter account, so using the same user name as this would be ideal in order for your audience to find you as easily as possible. Using the same profile picture will also help, and ensure consistency across all your social networks.

2. Include a link to your website.
Ensure that your website URL is include in your Instagram bio. This is the only clickable link on Instagram currently, so it’s wise to ensure you utilise it!

3. Use call to actions
Another way you can use the clickable link effectively is by using call to actions. Upload a picture that directs users to click a link in your bio. This doesn’t have to be your website URL; it can be changed to anything such as a new blog post, a video, or a product your company is advertising. Directing users to the link in your bio will ensure traffic is driven to where you want it.

4. Use Instagram ads
Instagram now has advertisements, which pop up on users’ feeds and uses demographic information in order to tailor these ads to the right users. Click here [https://business.instagram.com/advertising/] for more information from Instagram about setting up ads.

5. Consistency
Like all social media networks, you need to be constant in order to be noticed. Post at least every other day, if not daily, and be creative! Instagram is a great platform because you can be as interesting and creative as possible with your images, and that’s what keeps people coming back for more and it’s also what helps you get noticed and gain more followers.

Good luck, and happy Instagraming!