5 Tips to Keep Your Social Media Squeaky Clean

Recently, many celebrities have been slated in the media as their offensive online content from years before they were famous have been brought to light. From Zoella to Jack Maynard – two huge young influencers made famous through social media – is anybody really safe online?

In light of these recent events, we’ve come up with five tips to keep your social media account squeaky clean.

  • Keep your settings on private so only your friends and followers can view your content.
    If your account is available to the public eye, you are at a higher risk of your content being shared without your knowledge.
  • Go through your old profiles/content and delete anything you aren’t comfortable with being associated to you.
    This could be anything: offensive messages, shameful images, or embarrassingly outdated memes!
  • Only post things you would be comfortable having strangers see.
    First impressions are often based on how you behave on social media, so think before you tweet.
  • Always remember that no matter how private you think your conversations are, people can easily screenshot and share without your knowledge. It is very easy for your messages to be taken out of context.
  • Take into consideration how your content may offend other people.
    Some things that you may not view as offensive can be seen as negative to others. Even if you defend your words as a joke, remember that not everyone shares your sense of humour.

So, if you want to keep your social media squeaky clean, follow these 5 simple steps and always stay safe online!

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