5 things to do to start your business Twitter account


Twitter is a brilliant tool and something every business should be taking advantage of to get their name out there. But where do you begin? Here are five steps to set up your business Twitter account:

1. Think of a clear username (also known as a ‘handle’).

This is what your business will be known by on Twitter. Keep it short and sweet, but make sure it’s unique to your business and isn’t just a random username! That way clients won’t struggle to find you.

2. Choose a profile photo to represent your business

Be it your company logo or an image that represents what your business does; your profile photo is the first image people will see in relation to your business. It will appear as your icon on every tweet you post, so make sure it represents your business just as much as your username does.

3. Include your website URLhash smms

It might sound obvious but it’s so easily forgotten. Make sure your profile includes a link to your website. If you click ‘edit profile’ there’s a space provided to include your website address, which automatically turns it into a hyperlink so people can easily access your website.

4. Make sure your bio describes your business well

Your bio is where people find out more about you. You have 160 characters to describe your business and the main things it offers. Make it punchy, to the point and interesting. People will read this before deciding whether to go on your website – make sure your bio acts as click bate.

5. Tweet!

Make your first tweet welcoming to your followers and ensure your tweets thereafter are ideally daily but at least 3 times a week. People need to be reminded that you are there and you need to be tweeting regularly in order to get your name out there even more.

Happy Tweeting,

Natalie Whitehouse