1. Spook it up!

We all get that holiday buzz when we see the decorations up in the shop windows and everything suited up for the thrill of Halloween. And if things are spruced up enough it may even keep the customers interested for longer.

You can use the same ideas to brighten up your social media account. Add a splash of Halloween by changing the cover photo, your colour scheme, or adding some black cats and spiders.

2. Get creative with some great pics that “creep it real”

Videos and images are better to use on social media as they really get the audience’s attention, keeping their interest more easily than boring, plain text. Special holidays like Halloween are very important to businesses of all types as they allow them to really loosen up and connect with their costumers, as well as have some fun! Making interesting visual content isn’t difficult when you have the resources and a little time on your hands. Find your inspiration and then go for it.

There are loads of ways to create a Halloween theme on social media, here are some fun and easy ideas for your Halloween-themed content:

Go wild with Halloween puns on Twitter (just like our title!)

Pick a colour or theme (monsters, carnivals) and run with it

Create spooky images and post one every day

Add fun illustrations to existing shots of your products and services

Take pictures of your team in spooky, festive costumes

3. Offer a great seasonal discount

As it’s a holiday, your customers may expect company discounts or special offers.This can range from a full blown sale or a Halloween discount on certain items: even a festive freebie on deliveries over a certain price!

As with any holiday campaign, you can rope in more commission for your offers by using social media. Try doing a Halloween-themed giveaway on Facebook and Instagram or polls on Twitter. Make interesting questions about Autumn and the holiday, and reward all participants with content along the way. Once you’ve established the winners, make sure that you send them their unique promotional codes and gifts.

4. Add the spook factor to your customer’s experience

Want to take it one step further than decorating your social media profiles and offering a discount? How about making your product or service spooky, and really bringing Halloween to them? This technique can work for virtually any B2C business, but is best suited to those that provide services and experiences.

For instance, if you host outdoor activities, you can turn the night of Halloween into a special spooky event. Depending on the theme you choose, you can invite people to dress up and then share it all on social media. If your target audience isn’t Halloween friendly, you could still host an event with an autumnal twist like seasonal treats and drinks instead.

5. Host a photo contest

It might be cliché, but it never gets old. Halloween gives everyone the chance to wear silly and spooky costumes. Embrace it and host a photo contest on social media – it’s a fun way to engage with your followers. 

As well as the costumes you could also entice your followers to create scary foods or decorate rooms with the Halloween feel. Remember, all of your campaigns and competitions should link back to your product and brand – so the type of contest must be relevant. Create a unique and campaign specific hashtag and offer fun rewards throughout the competition with the main prize announced on the morning after Halloween.

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