5 easy steps to increase your followers on a company LinkedIn page:


1) Get your employees involved

One simple way to get more followers is to encourage your employees to create LinkedIn profiles for themselves, if they haven’t already, and you instantly have followers. If you are a one-man-band, ask friends and family to follow your page.

2) Add a link

Just like with Twitter and Facebook, you can add a link to your LinkedIn Business Page from your website so that people can easily find it. You can follow the steps here to add a LinkedIn widget to your website.

Social Media Ideas Designer Desk Architectural Tools Concept3) Join LinkedIn groups

The LinkedIn website suggests to increase followers you can take part in LinkedIn groups, both attracting followers and increasing the popularity of your company’s page. You can join discussions with similar companies, share content with others and also make business contacts. Click here to view the Group Directory to find a group that suits your company.

4) Make it engaging

Anyone can create a LinkedIn page, but you won’t gain followers by not updating it. Just like with other social media platforms, you have to update your page, engage with your audience and post relevant topics and information in order to gain more followers.

5) Make it captivating

Images are just as much a part of social media now as text, and will make your LinkedIn stand out from the crowd. Text itself can be plain. You can use images in your updates to break up the text and to attract audiences, and you can even upload presentations or documents to your posts to make your page even more interactive and compelling.

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