4 Tips to Creating an Effective Newsletter

Now we fully understand The Importance of Email Marketing it’s time to look at how to create an effective email campaign.

So what’s the recipe for newsletter success?

1) Timing is everything

Really consider when you will send your emails, how often and why. As I mentioned in my previous post, it’s important to send regular messages but to strike a balance to avoid spamming. Depending on your industry, and clients, you may wish to send a weekly email campaign. However, for most businesses, monthly messages are perfectly acceptable. Pay attention though, commit to a regular date and stick to it, don’t post on a random basis; this looks very unprofessional.

When’s the best time to post?

As you’d expect, weekdays between 9am – 5pm have the highest opening rates because people are at their desks checking their emails. However, the worst times to post are Mondays (everyone comes to work and clears their mailboxes) and every weekday between 1pm – 2pm (lunch hour). Note, there is typically a peak in open rates either side of lunchtime.

2) Presentation is king

Like any form of marketing, presentation is paramount. You want your emails to be eye-catching, neat, clear and drive clients to making a purchasing decision.

What looks best?

  • Be personal, address your clients by name. Your opening line should talk to the reader directly, make them feel valued. However, don’t use names in the email subject, this looks like spam.
  • Be grammatically correct and spell check your message. You wouldn’t put up a marketing poster with spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, so why would you send out an email with them? Take care to proofread your work.
  • Be aesthetically pleasing, invest in quality images and spend time on layout. Make sure your emails stand-out with nice images and punchy taglines. However, be careful not to write too much or overuse images. One key, clear image with a short and sweet message is always the best practice.


3) Bamboozle them and you’ll lose-zle them

If you try and trick your subscribers, they won’t thank you for it. Your emails should engage,, educate, and make them feel valued.

What trickery should be avoided?

  • Misleading subject lines are the most used, waste-of-time tactic. Your subject should be inviting, clever, short and, most importantly, relevant to the email content.
  • Make sure it’s easy for subscribers to ‘opt-out’. Firstly, it’s illegal to trap them into your newsletter but secondly, just because someone hits ‘unsubscribe’ doesn’t mean they won’t buy from you. It simple means they don’t need your newsletter in their inbox, don’t be offended.
  • Avoid jargon and abbreviations. Your content needs to be clear, easily understood and not a source of confusion.
  • Ensure you reference where links will direct subscribers. If you add a link to your newsletter, make sure you state where they will be taken to, for example say something like ‘You can visit our new website here.’ Unnamed links hardly ever get clicked, be transparent and drive clicks.

4) Content Conquers

Whatever your reason for utilising email marketing, make sure what you send out is valuable to your subscribers otherwise you’re just wasting your time and theirs.

What makes content quality content?

  • Imparting important information, like changes in legislation that may affect your clients or advice to help them strengthen their business.
  • Specific and directed messages. Ensure your content is appropriate and relevant to the reader but also only convey a single message per email; don’t overwhelm them with information.
  • Offers, sales and promotions. There’s nothing wrong with promoting your offers, however, it’s also important that every message isn’t sales focused; these are very boring.
  • Sharable content is always best. Make sure to include links to your social media but also make your content worthy of sharing. This is free publicity.
  • Make use of ‘Call To Actions’. There’s no time like the present to drive your customers to purchase. Use words like ‘today’, ‘now’ or ‘one time only’ and encourage customer reactions there and then. People like to feel they are beating the crowds to a good deal!

Create something compelling,



Previously written for Sage. https://sage-exchange.co.uk/news/industry-news/how-to-create-an-effective-newsletter