4 Best Ways to use video on Facebook


A Picture speaks a thousand words – and a video even more than that. Visuals are arguably just as vital as text nowadays, especially because they can get across a lot of information in a short space of time. Here are four of the best ways you can use video on Facebook to drive engagement with business…

1. Entertain!

Entertaining, fun videos will not only catch the attention of your audience straight away, but hold their attention too. Humorous videos or cartoon/animations are just a couple of ways you can be a bit different and entertaining with videos.

2. Make use of the ‘featured video’ option

On Facebook you can add a featured video to your profile, which appears above your ‘About’ section. This is the first video people will see on your profile, so make sure it advertises your business in an effective way! Just go to the Video tab and select Add a featured video.

(Note: not all profiles have this option yet, it is currently being rolled out by Facebook but make sure you keep checking back to see if you have the option yet!)

3. Educate and inform

Your audience will want to know more about your business and what you do, and videos are a great way to do this. Quick question and answer sessions, informative videos, or video tours of your business are great ways to do this.

4. Use the ‘call to action’ option

The call to action button means you can link a video posted on Facebook to your website. Follow these steps to add a button and drive more traffic to your website as well as getting more people to view your video on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/help/1496002820644748